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Our Group Goals

Our group on Freerice (GROUP) has a new goal.
Lets try to raise 200,000 Grains by May.
I think we can do it but we need your help.
Join today and start helping the world.
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A New Year Brings New Stuff

Lots will happen in 2013. Probably a new design for every page and some other stuff too...
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FreeRice Promotion

I have sent an email to a staff member of WFP.
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By the end of the day today (12/16/12) all admins and mods will be required to follow me on Twitter. Note that you do not have to if you do not have a twitter account.
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Follow Us on Twitter

By 12/16/12 all active admins will be required to follow me on Twitter.
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My donation

I just donated $5! I just made a dent in world hunger!
You dont have to but it will really make you feel better knowing that you helped fight world hunger!
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How much have you donated to WFP (If any)?

I havent donated any right now... but have you?
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FreeRice Wikia Rules/Policy

Please add your opinions about the rules for this wiki in the comments. We will be creating a policy soon.
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