These are the rules for this wiki. Follow them and we will have a good time. Note that these rules could change at any time.

Universal Rules

Rules that must be followed around the wiki.

  1. Use common sense! 
  2. Do not advertise other wikis unless they relate to world hunger. You cannot link to other wikis. Posting about them on your profile is okay.
  3. No profanity (swearing).
  4. Use proper grammar when creating articles. It makes our wiki appear more professional.
  5. No block bypassing.
  6. No making edits just to get achievements/badges.
  7. No coloring pages (e.g text coloring) that's a main page except on very rare occasions that would be neccesary, but I don't see any reason right now. A user page would be fine though.

  8. Any text copied from another site should be written in italics, and any spelling errors should with a [sic]tag .

Admin/Mod Rules

  1. You may NOT change the theme. If you feel like it should be changed contact Seanconnoll.
  2. Do not rollback stuff that does not need to be reverted.
  3. If you have chatmod do not kick or ban someone unless they really need to be kicked or banned.
  4. Don't edit any major pages (Main page, This page, etc.) unless you know what your doing and have asked Seanconnoll.

Rules for Creating a New Article

  1. Check to make sure the article hasn't been made.
  2. All articles should be FreeRice/WFP related.
  3. Don't write articles about yourself.They belong on your profile.
  4. Always add at least one applicable category to your page.

Editing Rules

  1. Opinions are not allowed on articles.
  2. No vandalism. If you see vandalism, revert it and report it to an admin on their message wall.

Forum Rules

  1. Spam is unacceptable, stay on topic!
  2. No degrading content, trolling, or swearing. If you have nothing good to post, leave.
  3. Be sure to check your spelling before posting.
  4. Universal rules are in place here too.